Mala bracelet Turquoise

These buddhist prayer mala bead bracelets can be used for recitation of a short sutra or mantra, for example saying by each bead " Namo Amida Butsu" (“I place my faith in Amida Buddha”).

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The buddhist prayer mala is use for counting sacred mantra (prayers), similar to rosary beads in the Catholic tradition. Nowadays more and more people wear a mala as jewelry.

This mala bracelet is elastic and for a small women’s wrist (first option) choose second option for a bracelet for a men. The beads are made from round semi-precious stones.

The mala bracelets are elastic and are suited for small women’s wrist max. 17 cm. It comes in a simple black satin pouch 10 x 15 cm.: also for men, choose second option
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