Buddha statue handmade ceramic

Beautiful ceramic handmade Boeddha statue ca. 4.5 x 3 cm made in the Netherlands by Dorje Pottery

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The Buddha-statue is designed and made of EM ceramics by Dorje Pottery , Vladimir Radovic (Zagreb, 1949), alias Dorje, is a specialist of the pottery wheel. His artwork is inspired by the Buddhist cultural traditions from China, Japan and Korea. Using traditional techniques and ancient ornaments, punches and rolls, unique ceramic is created, that is both original and authentic. Dorje playfully integrates old forms and old ways of working in his artwork that is rooted in the Buddhist culture from Korea, Japan and China, where pottery has a dignified place in both spiritual life as in daily life. Many travels to the far east, study of tempels and input of various lama’s in combination with Dorje’s craftmanship have led to skilfull solutions for religious terms and restrictions imposed on form and function of various objects, as can be seen in his meza’s. 

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