1 Placemat with Sutras before meals, English version

On the placemat are two sutras.The first one is to be recited before the morning meal the second before the main meal. The placemat is made of 100% organic cotton canvas (GOTS certified).

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You can recite this sutra before meals as a reminder to eat mindfully- with attention and with moderation.

The Japanese characters in the inner circle surrounding the sutra are the Zen tekst “Ware Tada Shiru Taru” which is translated in the outer circle “I learn to be content”. This tekst can also be found on the sewer cover in the Zen temple garden, Ryoanji in Kyoto. This cover has the same form as Chinese coins - a circle representing the heavens (yang) with the square representing the earth in the middle.  We’ve combined this image and the Sutra’s text in our design, each one reinforcing the other.

The placemat (32x45 cm) is made van 100% organic cotton canvas (GOTS certified).:
The ink used for text and design are eco- friendly. placemat can be machine washed max. 60˚ C, only iron the back of the print:
Boeddhisme (26)
handmade (30)
Sutra (11)
zen (21)
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